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Poly Styrene
Poly Styrene

Poly Styrene didn't stop writing and recording after the late Seventies. The public perception was that X-ray Spex had split and Poly Styrene had gone AWOL in the Himalayas of India, while filming 'Love' with Dream Academy.

'Love' was a Lennon cover John had penned for Yoko. Poly wrote and sang the hook for 'Love' - 'Radhe Radhe Shyama'!

Poly Styrene's vocal was repeated on a loop throughout the single and then edited into the track by Gilbert Gabriel for Dream Academy's version of 'Love'. The song, produced by Dave Gilmour of Pink Floyd, was released in 1991 and reached Number One in the Japanese singles chart.

Poly had been writing 'Flower Aeroplane' during the period leading up to her collaboration with Dream Academy.

The music industry however thought 'Flower Aeroplane' to be too different from Poly Styrene's X-ray Spex sound. So Poly released 'Conscious Consumer', as a Spex album, to bridge the gap between the classic Seventies album, 'Germfree Adolescents' and the nu-eclectic genre of 'Flower Aeroplane'.

Flower Aeroplane cover

'Flower Aeroplane' is an eclectic mix of soothing transcendent sounds with a metal edge which Poly Styrene had initially compiled for a friends Dry Hydrotherapy Spa.

While taking a treatment herself in a Spa Capsule, Poly realised that she had the perfect sound and a sketch book of songs sitting on her archive shelves titled 'Flower Aeroplane'. Poly Styrene thought the mix of spa and sound to be the ultimate chill pill!

Poly Styrene's 'Flower Aeroplane' (Cat No. XPS01.) is on sale at various record stores, and on Amazon. See also Poly Styrene's own website.


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