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On 25 April 2011, Poly Styrene peacefully passed away in her sleep.
See the tributes on the official Poly Styrene website.

It was in the hot summer of 1976 that Poly Styrene placed an advert in the British music papers NME and MELODY MAKER which started with the grabbing header of 'YOUNG PUNX WHO WANT TO STICK IT TOGETHER'. The ad worked like a magic magnet.
Jak Airport, Lora Logic and Paul Dean were first through the doors to audition. Poly thought they were talented plus cute, perfect for the X-RAY SPEX dream. X-RAY SPEX gave their debut performance at London's Roxy in Covent Garden after just six rehearsals in their manager's front room. Energy galore, but a little shambolic - as can be heard on the LIVE AT THE ROXY album. Despite much excitement and days in which their schedule was busier than any one member of the royal family would tolerate, Lora left the band in favour of school.
The gang then extended to become:

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